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Questions Frequently Asked By Suppliers

Q:How long is the contract term?

There are no contracts involved.

Q:How much do I pay for the service?

The service is 100% free as long as you use the suppliers portal for sending out your quotes. However if you would like to access the details of the person requesting the quotation so that you can reach them directly on whatsapp or telephone, you need to use credits.

Q:When and why does a quotation request expire.

A quotation request opportunity expires within 7 days of it being published. If you fail to provide your quotation within the 7 days, you will need to use credits to access that opportunity.

Q: What are credits anyways?

Credits enable you to gain direct access to the enquirer should you wish to contact them directly.

Q: How do I earn credits?

Credits can be earned or purchased. You can earn credits from completing some of the supplier challenges in the suppliers area. Or you can purchase credits. We accept all payments types ecocash, credit card or cash.

Q: How am I able to see requests from customers?

Your job is to simply enter the keywords that you want to keep an eye on for when a request comes in.
In your account you will need to provide a short description of the service that you provide when you sign up.

Q: How do I make use of my credit points?

You get free credits when sign up. When you take up a challenge you are credited with some points. The points enable you to send your quote directly to the customer.

Q:I would like to update my supplier details how do I go about doing that

To update your supplier please login to the suppliers portal where you will be able to update and alter your details, keywords and more.

Q:How do I remove myself from the suppliers database?

To remove yourself from our listings, simply click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of the alert emails you receive from us and your account will be deleted from our databases

Q: Can I receive alerts via SMS

Currently, we do not offer the option to receive alerts via SMS.