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Civil Engineering Companies in Zimbabwe

If you’re embarking on a construction project in Zimbabwe, you may need professionals by your side.

We figured we could help you out and get you a recently updated list of all the Civil Engineering Companies in Zimbabwe that can help you on your construction journey .

P.s If we have missed any civil engineering companies in your city you are aware of, please drop up a quick note so that we can include them on this list.

total results: 42
Civil Engineering  Country 
McKeeman & Stally Plastering Contractors (Pvt) Ltd  Zimbabwe 
Bitcon  Zimbabwe 
Cura Construction  Zimbabwe 
Con Afric Engineering  Zimbabwe 
Justwalls  Zimbabwe 
ryeleearchitecs  Zimbabwe 
Multiforce Contractors  Zimbabwe 
Build-Draft-Tech Pvt Ltd  Zimbabwe 
Chisipo Consultants Pvt Ltd  Zimbabwe 
Tibela Construction Zimbabwe Pvt Ltd  Zimbabwe 
Bitumen Construction Service  Zimbabwe 
Consiron Engineering  Zimbabwe 
Afrigrade group-Asaphalts Civils  Zimbabwe 
Archi-Tech Solutions  Zimbabwe 
Belmont Construction (Pvt) Ltd  Zimbabwe 
Civil Technics (Pvt) Ltd  Zimbabwe 
Scott Wilson  Zimbabwe 
Royal Building Contractors  Zimbabwe 
Costain Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd  Zimbabwe 
Kuchi Builders (Pvt) Ltd  Zimbabwe 
Club Construction  Zimbabwe 
Knight Piesold (Zimbabwe)  Zimbabwe 
Orac Systems  Zimbabwe 
Giant Investments Pvt Ltd  Zimbabwe 
Coneg Engineering  Zimbabwe 
Hems Africa Engineering  Zimbabwe 
Cupola Trading (Private) Limited  Zimbabwe 
Adcro Engineering  Zimbabwe 
Njanike Construction  Zimbabwe 
Strugis Engineering Pvt Ltd  Zimbabwe 
Zimbabwe Nantong International Pvt Ltd  Zimbabwe 
Zimbabwe Jiangsu Internnational Pvt Ltd  Zimbabwe 
Zada construction   Zimbabwe 
Trium Incooporated  Zimbabwe 
Essar Tubes and Towers  Zimbabwe 
Tacna Engineering and construction   Zimbabwe 
Traffic solutions  Zimbabwe 
WRR Master Specialist and Civil  Zimbabwe 
KW Construction   Zimbabwe 
Homeseeker Inc. (Pvt) Ltd  Zimbabwe 
Detorn Investments  Zimbabwe 

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