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List of Conference Venues in Harare

Looking to hold a conference meeting in Harare?

Here is a list of conference venues to consider.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of conference centres in Harare to help you find the ideal setting for your important meeting. We’ve outlined key details about each venue at your convenience to make your decision-making process smoother.

Note: If you are aware of any other conference venues in Harare that are not on our list, please drop us a quick note so that we could include them on the list.! Your input is valuable, and we want to ensure our list is as comprehensive as possible.

List of Conference Venues in Harare:

total results: 16
Conference Centre  Country 
Convex  Zimbabwe 
Bronte The Garden Hotel  Zimbabwe 
Eromax Events  Zimbabwe 
Zimbabwe Agricultural Society  Zimbabwe 
Adelaide Acres  Zimbabwe 
Adelaide Acres Conference Centre  Zimbabwe 
St Lucia Park  Zimbabwe 
Mandel Training Centre  Zimbabwe 
Harare International Conference Centre  Zimbabwe 
Golden Conifer Conference venue  Zimbabwe 
Cresta Lodge Harare  Zimbabwe 
Wild Geese Lodge  Zimbabwe 
Daisy’s guest house  Zimbabwe 
Tayana Conference Centre  Zimbabwe 
Sabre Conference Centre  Zimbabwe 
The Venue  Zimbabwe 

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Now that we have that out of the way, here is a little more context to help you further here are a number of other key factors to consider when booking your venue.

Here Are Some Local Nuggets To Help You With Your Ideal Conference Venue in Harare

Holiday Inn Harare. Conference Room
Holiday Inn Harare

When it comes to hosting a successful conference in Harare, a city vibrant with energy and culture, choosing the right venue is paramount. Harare offers an array of conference venues, but there are key aspects to consider that are specific to the local context.

Location & Accessibility

When selecting a conference venue in Harare, location tops the list of critical considerations. Ensuring easy accessibility for attendees, both local and out-of-town, is paramount. While Uber might not be available, the local ride-share service, Vaya, is a reliable option. It’s advisable to use the venue-recommended shuttle and taxi services, ensuring safety and a hassle-free experience for attendees. Additionally, opt for venues located amidst amenities such as restaurants and shops, enriching attendees’ overall experience.

Venue and Staffing

Understanding your event’s scale is pivotal. Assess attendee numbers, space requirements, and any special furniture needs. Request detailed images and floor plans to confirm suitability. Moreover, inquire about dedicated event staff, essential for handling program changes or technical glitches. During peak seasons, ensure one or two dedicated staff members for your event, guaranteeing smooth operations.

Technology & Audio-Visual Equipment

The technological backbone of your event is critical. While basic audio-visual equipment is standard, for advanced needs like video conferencing or interactive displays, confirm the venue’s capabilities. Internet speed is crucial, especially for streaming and webinars. For uninterrupted connectivity, consider a dedicated internet connection, even if it incurs extra costs. Don’t overlook accessories like dongles, ensuring seamless connections for various devices.

Power and Adapters

Navigating power shortages, locally known as load shedding, is a Harare-specific challenge. Inquire about backup power duration, vital for event continuity, especially for extended conferences or live streaming. Ensure essential equipment like internet routers and cameras can run on UPS throughout. Harare uses different adapters and voltage standards; either carry your adapters or confirm the venue’s availability, particularly if you’re traveling from Europe or the US.

Typical Conferences That Take Place Across Harare

The Venue Conference Venue
The Venue Conference Venue – Avondale Harare

Here is a list of the types of events we typically see being requested across Harare by individuals or organisations, both local and international. Whether it be business conference events, educational or Promotion events we’ve seen them all.

  1. Knowledge Sharing: To share industry insights, research findings, or expertise among professionals and academics.
  2. Networking: To facilitate networking opportunities among attendees, fostering collaborations and partnerships.
  3. Professional Development: To provide workshops, seminars, and training sessions to enhance the skills and knowledge of attendees.
  4. Product Launch: To launch a new product or service, showcasing its features and benefits to a targeted audience.
  5. Education: To educate attendees about specific topics, trends, or advancements in a particular field or industry.
  6. Promotion: To promote a cause, idea, or social issue, raising awareness and mobilizing support.
  7. Marketing: To market a business, organization, or destination to a specific target audience.
  8. Team Building: To facilitate team-building activities, workshops, and exercises for employees or group members.
  9. Celebration: To celebrate achievements, milestones, or anniversaries within an organization or community.
  10. Recruitment: To connect potential employers with job seekers, facilitating recruitment and hiring processes.
  11. Innovation: To showcase innovative ideas, inventions, or technologies to potential investors, partners, or customers.
  12. Policy Discussion: To discuss and debate policies, regulations, or societal issues, involving policymakers, experts, and stakeholders.
  13. Cultural Exchange: To promote cultural understanding and exchange between different communities or countries.
  14. Academic Exchange: To facilitate scholarly discussions, paper presentations, and research collaborations among academics and researchers.
  15. Inspiration: To inspire and motivate attendees through keynote speakers, success stories, and motivational talks.
  16. Health and Wellness: To promote health and wellness initiatives, featuring experts and workshops on physical and mental well-being.
  17. Entertainment: To host entertainment-related events, such as film festivals, music conferences, or gaming conventions.
  18. Environmental Awareness: To raise awareness about environmental issues and promote sustainable practices.
  19. Philanthropy: To raise funds for charitable causes or nonprofits, involving donors, philanthropists, and activists.
  20. Governmental/Policy Discussions: To facilitate discussions between government officials, policymakers, and experts on various topics affecting society or the economy.

Each of these reasons can lead to a unique and tailored conference experience catering to the specific goals and objectives of the organisers and attendees. The good news is that several venues across Harare can cater to your needs.

The Most Popular Areas Where Conferences Are Held Across Harare

Here’s a glimpse into some of the most popular areas where conferences are frequently held in Harare (in no particular order). When selecting a conference venue in Harare, understanding these areas’ unique ambience and offerings can significantly influence the event’s success. Whether you prefer the CBD’s urban energy or Borrowdale’s tranquillity, Harare’s diverse options ensure a perfect venue for every conference, regardless of size or nature.

Cresta Lodge – Harare

1. Central Business District (CBD):

The heart of Harare, the CBD, is a prime location for conferences due to its accessibility. It boasts a couple of upscale hotels, such as the Meikles Hotel, Monomotapa Hotel and Rainbow Towers Convention Centre, startup hubs and business facilities, making it a preferred choice for international conferences and high-profile corporate events.

2. Newlands & Highlands

Newlands is an affluent suburb in Harare known for its elegant conference facilities & lodges nestled within its leafy neighbourhood. Whilst only a few miles from the CBD, this area offers a serene environment away from the city centre’s hustle and bustle, making it ideal for medium-sized conferences and corporate retreats.

3. Borrowdale:

Borrowdale is a prestigious northern residential and commercial area in Harare, featuring luxurious homes, Golf clubs and large conference venues that often double up as wedding venues. It’s a favoured choice for upscale conferences, product launches, and business seminars, offering top-notch amenities and services.

4. Avondale:

Avondale is a vibrant neighbourhood with a mix of residential and commercial spaces. It hosts mid-sized conferences and workshops, often utilising hotels and dedicated event spaces. Avondale’s central location and diverse dining options make it convenient for attendees.

5. Glen Lorne:

Nestled in the lush greenery on the outskirts of Harare, Glen Lorne stands as a testament to tranquility and natural beauty. This picturesque suburb, situated to the north-east of the bustling city center, is renowned for its serene atmosphere and upscale residences. Glen Lorne is not just a residential haven; it also offers an exquisite backdrop for various events, including conferences, that seek a unique blend of sophistication and tranquility.

6. Eastgate:

Eastgate is an established business district in Harare, home to modern office complexes and conference venues. It’s a growing choice for tech conferences, seminars, and workshops, with state-of-the-art facilities and excellent connectivity.

7. Belgravia & Alex Park:

Belgravia, an upscale suburb near the University Of Zimbabwe, offers a blend of residential charm and sophisticated conference facilities. It is popular for intimate corporate gatherings, training sessions, and specialised workshops, often held in boutique hotels and conference rooms.

8. Braeside & Hatfield:

Braeside is a residential area with emerging conference venues. It caters to smaller conferences, local meetings, and community events, providing a comfortable and intimate setting for discussions and presentations. Located near the airport, this area is a popular choice.

9. Msasa:

Msasa Industrial Area is an unconventional yet practical choice for industrial and trade-related conferences. It hosts events in warehouses and exhibition centers, making it suitable for expos, trade shows, and product demonstrations.

Final Pointer:

Choosing a conference venue in Harare with all the conference facilities you need can be a stress-free experience with careful consideration of these factors. By focusing on location, venue suitability, technology provisions, power backup, and adapters, you ensure a seamless event. With this knowledge, you’re well on your way to creating an exceptional experience for everyone.

Best of luck in your venue search!

Even More Venues

If you’re looking for an additional list of venues that are not necessarily used for conferences but can be, check out our Wedding venues in Harare listing.