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List of Legal Practitioners Operating In Zimbabwe

Did you know that you can get FREE Legal advice from selected Advisers/Practitioners in Zimbabwe?

We figured we would help you out and get you a recently updated list of all the Legal Practitioners in Zimbabwe . Most of them offer free legal advice. However not many people know about this.

P.s If we have missed any legal practitioners that you are aware of, please drop up a quick note so that we can include them on this list.

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total results: 318

Practitioners  Country 
Chideya & Associates  Zimbabwe 
Magwaliba & Kwirira Legal Practitioners.  Zimbabwe 
Mhiribidi, Ngarava & Moyo  Zimbabwe 
Cynthia Tendai Mugwira  Zimbabwe 
Bvekwa Legal Practice  Zimbabwe 
Chivaura & Assosciates  Zimbabwe 
Coghlan Welsh & Guest Legal Practitioners (Harare)  Zimbabwe 
Chinamasa Mudimu & Chinongwenya Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
Chihambakwe Mutizwa & Partners.  Zimbabwe 
Muvingi,Mugadza & Mukombe Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
Hove and Assosciates  Zimbabwe 
Kamusasa & Musendo  Zimbabwe 
Caledonia Holdings Zimbabwe.  Zimbabwe 
Brian Colqoun Hugh O`Donnel & Partners  Zimbabwe 
Musarira Law Chambers.  Zimbabwe 
Mushuma Law Chambers  Zimbabwe 
Matsikidze & Mucheche.  Zimbabwe 
Debye & Partners  Zimbabwe 
Mabuye Zvarevashe.  Zimbabwe 
Karuwa & Assosciates.  Zimbabwe 
Kanyenze & Associates  Zimbabwe 
Kanokanga & Partners  Zimbabwe 
Muzangaza,Mandaza & Tomana  Zimbabwe 
F.G Gijima & Associates  Zimbabwe 
Atherston and Cook  Zimbabwe 
Mabulala & Motsi Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
Wintertons Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
Chibune & Mahoso Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
Calderwood,Bryce Hendrie & Partners  Zimbabwe 
James,Moyo-Majawu & Nyoni Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
Lazarus & Sarif  Zimbabwe 
Mkandla Maponga & Associates  Zimbabwe 
Mushangwe and Company  Zimbabwe 
Job Sibanda & Associates  Zimbabwe 
Gambe & Partners Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
Hove & Partners Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
Hove Lemani & Associates Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
Kantor & Immerman Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
Legal Projects Centre-Harare  Zimbabwe 
Legal Resources Foundation and Publication  Zimbabwe 
Madzivanzira & Partners Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
Mahachi ,Gwaze & Partners  Zimbabwe 
Makarau & Associates Legal Practioners  Zimbabwe 
Tavenhave and Machingauta Legal Practioners  Zimbabwe 
Maunga Maanda & Associates  Zimbabwe 
Legal Resources Foundation  Zimbabwe 
Gill Godlonton & Gerrans Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
Bumira Environmental Consultancy  Zimbabwe 
Mawere & Sibanda Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
Mutamangira & Associates  Zimbabwe 
Danziger & Partners  Zimbabwe 
Costa & Madzonga  Zimbabwe 
A.R Chizikani Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
Cheda and Partners Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
C Kuhuni Attorneys  Zimbabwe 
Mudambanuki & Associates  Zimbabwe 
Dube-Banda,Nzarayapenga & Partners Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
Mabukwa & Attorneys  Zimbabwe 
Majoko & Majoko Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
Atherstone & Cook  Zimbabwe 
Allied Legal Aid Society  Zimbabwe 
Kossam Ncube & Partners  Zimbabwe 
Phulu & Ncube Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs  Zimbabwe 
Fintelli Capital  Zimbabwe 
Gasa Nyamadzawo & Associates  Zimbabwe 
Mugugu & Associates Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
Chinawa Law Chambers  Zimbabwe 
Advocate Adam Kara  Zimbabwe 
Advocates' chambers  Zimbabwe 
Ahmed & Ziyambi  Zimbabwe 
Antonio and Associates  Zimbabwe 
B. M. Msipa & Associates  Zimbabwe 
B. Matanga Intellectual Property Attorneys  Zimbabwe 
B. W. Kahari Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
Baera & Company  Zimbabwe 
Bherebende Law Chambers  Zimbabwe 
Charamba & Partners  Zimbabwe 
Chibune & Associates  Zimbabwe 
Chigwanda Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
Hwalima Moyo and Associates  Zimbabwe 
Chikumbirike & Associates (under Curatorship Chirimuuta F)  Zimbabwe 
Chikuni Associates  Zimbabwe 
Chinamasa, Mudimu and Maguranyanga  Zimbabwe 
Chinganga and Company  Zimbabwe 
Chingeya - Mandizira  Zimbabwe 
Chingore and Associates  Zimbabwe 
Chinongwenya and Zhangazha  Zimbabwe 
Chinyama & Partners  Zimbabwe 
Chirenje Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
Chiwunda - Mujokoro Law Chambers  Zimbabwe 
Chizengeya & Partners  Zimbabwe 
Coghlan, Welsh & Guest (incorporating Stumbles & Rowe)  Zimbabwe 
D. W. Mhiribidi and Company  Zimbabwe 
Debwe & Partners  Zimbabwe 
Desai & Associates  Zimbabwe 
Dhlakama B. Attorneys  Zimbabwe 
Dondo and Partners  Zimbabwe 
Donsa - Nkomo & Mutangi  Zimbabwe 
Dururu and Associates  Zimbabwe 
Dzimba, Jaravaza & Associates  Zimbabwe 
F M Katsande & Partners  Zimbabwe 
Farai Nyamayaro Law Chambers  Zimbabwe 
Ferrao, Patel and Associates  Zimbabwe 
G. Machingambi  Zimbabwe 
G. N. Mlotshwa & Company  Zimbabwe 
G. T. Makings  Zimbabwe 
Gahadzikwa and Mupunga  Zimbabwe 
Garagba, Ncube and Muzondo  Zimbabwe 
Gollop & Blank  Zimbabwe 
Goneso & Associates  Zimbabwe 
Gonese Attorneys  Zimbabwe 
Goneso, Jessie Majome and Company  Zimbabwe 
Govere Law Chambers  Zimbabwe 
Granger & Harvey  Zimbabwe 
Guni & Guni  Zimbabwe 
Gunje and Chasakara  Zimbabwe 
Gwati & Partners  Zimbabwe 
Gwaunza and Mapota  Zimbabwe 
H. Mukonoweshuro & Partners  Zimbabwe 
Hamunakwadi, Nyandoro and Nyambuya  Zimbabwe 
Harare Law Chambers  Zimbabwe 
Hogwe, Dzimirai & Partners  Zimbabwe 
Hungwe & Partners  Zimbabwe 
Hussein, Ranchhod & Company  Zimbabwe 
Hute & Partners  Zimbabwe 
I. Murambasvina  Zimbabwe 
J. Mambara & Partners  Zimbabwe 
Jakachira & Company  Zimbabwe 
James Makiya Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
Jambo Legal Practice  Zimbabwe 
Jarvis.Palframan  Zimbabwe 
Julia Wood  Zimbabwe 
Jumo Mashoko & Partners  Zimbabwe 
Kanongovere and Chengaose  Zimbabwe 
Kanoti and Associates  Zimbabwe 
Kawonde & Company  Zimbabwe 
Kevin John Arnott  Zimbabwe 
Khanda and Company  Zimbabwe 
Koto and Company  Zimbabwe 
Kwenda & Associates  Zimbabwe 
Linda Chipato Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
M. C. Mukome  Zimbabwe 
M. S. Chinyenze and Associates  Zimbabwe 
M. V. Chizodza - Chineunye  Zimbabwe 
Machekeche and Partners  Zimbabwe 
Machinga and Partners  Zimbabwe 
Machingura Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
Machuwaire Legal Practice  Zimbabwe 
Madanhi, Mugadza & Company Attorneys  Zimbabwe 
Mandzivanzira, Gama & Associates  Zimbabwe 
Maeresera & Partners  Zimbabwe 
Magana & Company Attorneys  Zimbabwe 
Mageza & Nyamwanza  Zimbabwe 
Magoge - Mashindi and Muzenda Attorneys  Zimbabwe 
Maja and Associates  Zimbabwe 
Makoni Legal Practice  Zimbabwe 
Mambosasa Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
Manase & Manase  Zimbabwe 
Mandizha & Company  Zimbabwe 
Mangwana and Partners  Zimbabwe 
Manyurureni and Company  Zimbabwe 
Mapaya and Partners  Zimbabwe 
Mapombere, Musakana & Ruzengwe  Zimbabwe 
Mapondera & Company  Zimbabwe 
Mark Stonier  Zimbabwe 
Matipano & Matimba  Zimbabwe 
Matizanadzo & Warhurst  Zimbabwe 
Matsanura and Associates  Zimbabwe 
Matsika and Associates  Zimbabwe 
Mavhunga & Sigauke  Zimbabwe 
Mbidzo, Muchadehama & Makoni  Zimbabwe 
Mhishi Legal Practice  Zimbabwe 
Mkuhlani Chiperesa  Zimbabwe 
Mtetwa and Nyambirai (incorporating Wilmot & Bennett)  Zimbabwe 
Moyo & Partners  Zimbabwe 
Mtombeni, Mukwesha, Muzawazi & Associataes  Zimbabwe 
Muchandibaya & Associates  Zimbabwe 
Mucharehwa & Partners  Zimbabwe 
Muchengeti Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
Mufadza & Associates  Zimbabwe 
Mugwadi & Associates  Zimbabwe 
Muhonde Attorneys  Zimbabwe 
Munangati & Associates  Zimbabwe 
Mupanga Bhatasara Attorneys  Zimbabwe 
Mupawaenda and Musara  Zimbabwe 
Mupindu and Mugiya  Zimbabwe 
Muringi, Kamdefwere Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
Musemburi & Muchenga  Zimbabwe 
Musendekwa - Mtisi  Zimbabwe 
Mushonga, Mutsvairo & Associates  Zimbabwe 
Musimwa and Associates  Zimbabwe 
Muskwe & Associates  Zimbabwe 
Mutezo and Mugomeza  Zimbabwe 
Mutumbwa, Mugabe & Partners  Zimbabwe 
Muunganirwa & Company  Zimbabwe 
Mungeni & Muzvondiwa  Zimbabwe 
Muvingi & Mugadza  Zimbabwe 
Muvrimi, Nyamwanza and Associates  Zimbabwe 
Muza and Nyapadi  Zimbabwe 
Muzondo and Chinhema  Zimbabwe 
Mwonzora and Associates  Zimbabwe 
Negonde - Kwashira  Zimbabwe 
Ngarava, Moyo and Chikono  Zimbabwe 
Nsingo & Associates  Zimbabwe 
Nyakutombwa Legal Counsel  Zimbabwe 
Nyamupfukudza & Partners  Zimbabwe 
Nyamushaya, Kasuo & Rubaya  Zimbabwe 
Nyawo Ruzive Legal Practice  Zimbabwe 
Nyika Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
Nyikadzino, Simango & Associates  Zimbabwe 
P. Takawadiyi & Associates  Zimbabwe 
Pundu & Associates  Zimbabwe 
Puwayi Chiutsi Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
Ratisai Law Practice  Zimbabwe 
Robinson & Makonyore  Zimbabwe 
Sachikonye - Ushe Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
Sakutukwa & Partners  Zimbabwe 
Sande & Associates  Zimbabwe 
Shumba & Partners  Zimbabwe 
Sinyoro & Partners  Zimbabwe 
Sosono & Partners  Zimbabwe 
T. H. Chitapi & Associates  Zimbabwe 
T. K. Hove & Partners  Zimbabwe 
Tadiwa & Associates  Zimbabwe 
Takundwa & Company  Zimbabwe 
Tamuka Moyo Attorneys  Zimbabwe 
Tavenhave - Machingauta  Zimbabwe 
Thondhlanga and Associates  Zimbabwe 
Tim Tanser Consultancy  Zimbabwe 
Tsara and Associates  Zimbabwe 
Uriri Attorneys at Law  Zimbabwe 
V. Nyemba & Associates  Zimbabwe 
V. S Nyangulu & Associates  Zimbabwe 
Vasco Shamu & Associates  Zimbabwe 
Venturas & Samukange  Zimbabwe 
W. O. M. Simango and Associates  Zimbabwe 
Warara & Associates  Zimbabwe 
Yaqub Ali Jogee  Zimbabwe 
Zimbodza & Associates  Zimbabwe 
Ziumbe & Partners  Zimbabwe 
Zuze Law Chambers  Zimbabwe 
Advocates Chambers - Byo  Zimbabwe 
Advocate Hilda Makusha Moyo  Zimbabwe 
Advocate Lucas Nkomo  Zimbabwe 
Advocate S.K.M. Sibanda & Partners  Zimbabwe 
Bulawayo Law Chambers  Zimbabwe 
Dube - Tachiona & Tsvangirai  Zimbabwe 
J. P. Oberholzer  Zimbabwe 
Joel, Pincus, Konson & Wolhuter  Zimbabwe 
Kenneth,Lubimbi & Partners  Zimbabwe 
Khumalo and Company Attorneys  Zimbabwe 
Mabhikwa, Hikwa & Nyathi  Zimbabwe 
Majokko & Majoko  Zimbabwe 
Marondedze, Mukuku, Ndove and Partners  Zimbabwe 
Mashayamombe & Company  Zimbabwe 
Mlweli Ndlovu & Associates  Zimbabwe 
Morris - Davies & Company  Zimbabwe 
Moyo & Company  Zimbabwe 
Moyo & Nyoni  Zimbabwe 
Mudenda Attorneys  Zimbabwe 
R. Ndlovu and Company  Zimbabwe 
Samp Mlaudzi & Partners  Zimbabwe 
Sansole & Senda  Zimbabwe 
Shenje and Company  Zimbabwe 
T. Hara and Partners  Zimbabwe 
Webb, Low & Barry (incorporating Ben Baron & Partners)  Zimbabwe 
Western Law Chambers  Zimbabwe 
Alfred, Keith Elliot  Zimbabwe 
Bera, Mr G.  Zimbabwe 
Bhasera R.M.  Zimbabwe 
Chakunda, S.J  Zimbabwe 
Charumbira, Nelson  Zimbabwe 
Chasi, Viola  Zimbabwe 
Chawafambira, Chenai  Zimbabwe 
Maganga & Co Attorneys  Zimbabwe 
Mantsebo and Company  Zimbabwe 
Masvakweri and Associates  Zimbabwe 
Mhishi Legal Practise  Zimbabwe 
Musanga and Associates  Zimbabwe 
N. Mawonde and Associates  Zimbabwe 
Nyamushaya, Kasuso and Rubaya Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
Zimbabwe Institute of Legal Studies  Zimbabwe 
Antonio & Dzvetero  Zimbabwe 
Bvekwa Legal Practice  Zimbabwe 
C Mutsahuni Chikore and Partners  Zimbabwe 
Chambati and Mataka Attorneys  Zimbabwe 
Charamba and Partners  Zimbabwe 
The law Society of Zimbabwe  Zimbabwe 
Thondhlanga and Asscoiates  Zimbabwe 
Tsara and Asscoiates  Zimbabwe 
V. Nyeba and Asscoiates  Zimbabwe 
Zimababwe Instiute Of legal Studies  Zimbabwe 
Zimbabwe Legal Aid Society  Zimbabwe 
LG Debt Collectors  Zimbabwe 
Khona Law  Zimbabwe 
Tizirai, Chapwanya &Mabukwa  Zimbabwe 
Dube Manikai & Hwacha Legal Practioners  Zimbabwe 
Mushonga & Associates  Zimbabwe 
Musunga & Associates  Zimbabwe 
Sawyer & Mkushi  Zimbabwe 
Gutu & Chikowero Attorneys at - law  Zimbabwe 
Lofty & Fraser  Zimbabwe 
Ben Baron & Partners  Zimbabwe 
Brian Colquhoun Hugh O'Donnell & Partners (Bulawayo)  Zimbabwe 
Bulawayo Legal Projects Centre  Zimbabwe 
Harare Legal Projects Centre  Zimbabwe 
J Musimbe and Associates  Zimbabwe 
Scanlen and Holderness  Zimbabwe 
Sinyoro and Company Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
Mutezo and Company  Zimbabwe 
Ziumbe & Mtambanengwe Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
Gula -Ndebele & Partners Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
Coghlan and Welsh Legal Practitioners (Bulawayo)  Zimbabwe 
Musimbe I.EG and Partners  Zimbabwe 
Muzondo Chinhema Legal Practitioners  Zimbabwe 
Honey & Blanckenberg  Zimbabwe 

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