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Wedding Venues Harare

Looking for a list of wedding venue in Harare?

We figured we would help you out and get you a recently updated list of all the wedding venues in Harare. Whether you are planning a lavish large wedding or a small and intermate affair, you will find at least one of these venues ideal. Our list comprises of wedding venues in and around Harare , including areas such as Ruwa & Mazowe.

P.s If we have missed any venues that you are aware of, please drop up a quick note so that we can include them on this list.

Venue Name City
Alibee Gardens Harare
Apex Event Venue Harare
Bliss Harare
Blue Whale Events Harare
Borrowdale Brooke Country Manor Harare
Colray Gardens Harare
DENDE Gardens Harare
Desafari Harare
Dombombira Ruwa
Enchanted Garden Zimbabwe Ruwa
Esteem communications Harare
Fern Springs Garden Harare
Fresh Delight Harare
Garden Of Eden Zimbabwe Harare
Glen Gardens Harare
Golden Conifer Functions Venue Harare
Harare International Conference Centre Harare
Havilah Estate Harare
Henley Gardens Harare
Imba Matombo Hotel Harare
Inspiration Park Venue Harare,Mazowe
Kutandara Lodges Harare
Kutsvene Gardens Harare
La Roche Gardens Harare
Lower Hampden Park Harare
Makokero Hills Harare
Makumbe Country Hotel & Wedding Gardens Seke,Harare
Milcox Manor Harare
Mojos Harare
Mudziyashe Harare
Ndapuwa events Harare
Palm Estate Harare
Palm Estate Venue Harare Harare
PambaNice Harare
Pamutawadze Ruwa
Pelican Bay Gardens Harare
Purple Chic Harare
Raintree Umwinsi Harare
River of Life Harare
River of Life Westgate Harare
Rudorwashe Mataba Harare
Rustic Paradise Harare
Stephen Margolis Resort Harare
Tabale Gardens Harare
The Glen Harare
The Venue Harare
Victoria Gardens Wedding Venue Harare
Villa Makanaka – Wedding Venue Harare
Vimbiso Resorts Harare
Wild Geese Lodge Harare
Zimbabwe Agricultural Society Harare
Zimbabwe Garden Weddings (ZimGardens) Harare
Zimbali – Valley of Flowers Harare
Zimbabwe Gardens Harare

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